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There are many different types of coffeemakers using a number of different brewing principles.

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How to brew the perfect cup at home? The equipment you use matters most. Here, a short primer on the different coffeemakers available today:
Perhaps the most popular type of coffeemaker today, Auto-Drip machines simplify coffee-brewing for the busy drinker. One simply pours cold water into a reservoir, which the Auto-Drip then heats to the correct temperature, then "drips" it through ground coffee in a filter (hence the name). Some models have a switch that slow down the water pulsation, allowing for a richer brew... which is always better!
Our preferred coffeemaker, the French Press or "Plunger Pot" has been called the perfect way of making coffee- and we agree! Because it allows full contact between the coffeegrounds and water, it extracts richer flavours. Best of all, you control the amount and grind-size of the coffee, as well as the steeping time.
Another very popular type of coffeemaker, the Percolator filters boiling water through coffee grounds over and over. Best used with very mild coffees, Percolators are romantic and old-fashioned, but prolonged overboiling sometimes leaves you with bitter coffee.
Home espresso and cappuccino makers are definitely rising in popularity. For perfect espresso, a small amount of water is heated and pumped through coffeegrounds at very hight pressure, extracting the essence and intensity of the coffee. Cappuccino is simply espresso topped with frothed milk, and Cappuccino makers include a built-in milk-frother.

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